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4 Lessons on Video Storytelling from Pet Brands via Kaitlyn Smith and Business to Community

Want four very concise and clear points on what works in pet brand storytelling?  And want to see those points illustrated by successful videos?  Then look no further than Kaitlyn Smith‘s 4 Lessons on Video Storytelling from Pet Brands, recently published on Business To Community.

The article goes into what Purina, Pedigree, Milk-Bone, and PetCo are doing right.

We may be a little biased because we did the Pedigree video Kaitlyn cites, but we think Kaitlyn is right on in her analysis, such as:

Storytelling requires a thoughtful balance of authenticity, humility, subtly, and, of course, a story to tell. And there’s possibly no greater story than the timeless bond between people and their pets.

Read the rest and see the other videos at B2C.

For more on Pedigree’s “See What Good Food Can Do” documentary series featuring Miranda Lambert, Josh Duhamel, and David Ortiz, check this out.


Our newest video series for Real Racine. Racine, Wisconsin hugs the hugs the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline between Chicago and Milwaukee and boasts one of the nation’s top 10 beaches. We tell the stories through the eyes of locals, business owners, and tourists that know these places best about the large variety of options available to this reclaimed city.

Episode 1: BEACH MOM
Approximately 200,000 visitors come to North Beach every year for special events or just to have fun! Dr. Julie Kinzelman shows us how North Beach went from a biologically unsound area to a thriving beach voted one of the best in the country by several top periodicals. Julie got grants as an undergraduate student studying beach pollution. She wanted to go further with her studies and so got advanced degrees — while at the same time working full time. She got her PhD from the UK and began to think about beaches as a social necessity. Citizens need the recreational beaches for social happiness. Looking at Racine’s North Beach, she thought it was time to clean it up and give it back to the community.With the Iron Man Race as the backdrop, So how’d she do it? Grooming, Storm water management to help improve water quality by way of aesthetically pleasing sand dunes. Adjustments to the bacteria in the sand via routine grooming and much much more!


Episode 2: UP AND AWAY
Waterford, Wisconsin is flying high today as a the community prepares for the 2nd Annual Waterford Balloon Festival — where a day of fun family activities is topped off by the launch of a slew of high-flying hot air balloons. Come along and get an inside glimpse at the event and its centerpieces — the giant 7 – 10 story tall hot air balloons — with balloon pilots Kathy and David.


Episode 3: UP AND AWAY
Third generation baker Eric Olesen takes us through the 60-plus year history of Racine’s famous O & H Bakery and how their flagship pastry, Kringle, has put Racine on the culinary map. Christian “Chris” Olesen came to the United States from Denmark as a teenager to find a better life. His father was a grave digger, and Chris’ first jobs were on a farm and then in a bakery. It’s in the bakery where Chris learned his trade. In 1949, Chris opened O & H Bakery with a partner, Harvey Holtz. While making all kinds of baked goods, the bakery’s pride quickly became the Kringle — a light, tender, flaky pastry of Danish origin. It’s made with butter and milk — all Wisconsin ingredients — and takes three days to bring to fruition. O & H and other Racine bakeries started to change the traditional Danish Kringle. They began making them not in the old pretzel shape, but in the shape of ovals. This one baked good put Racine on the culinary map. It also helped to keep bakeries growing when customers started buying bread at grocery stores rather than at traditional bakeries.

Honoring Our Veterans Through the Eyes of the Lens

AboutFace Director, Manny Marquez was on set this weekend at the 49th Annual Milwaukee Veteran Day Parade and Day of Honor this past weekend shooting a piece for a new client.

Manny Marquez at the Veterans Day Parade

Manny Marquez at the Veterans Day Parade

This made me think of all the videos we’ve done in past at AboutFace Media honoring those that have served and their families. A couple of my favorites are…

Quinn Stories | Gold Star

The families of fallen heroes discuss Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s dedication to those in the armed services. You can see the rest of the series here.



As well as the entire Sears Heroes at Home series

You can learn more about the Sears ‘Heroes at Home’ Program here.



AboutFace Ivy Funds Video Featured In The Wall Street Journal – Stories We’re Telling

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article about fund companies using social media and online video to market their products and brands.

Some of our work for Ivy Funds was cited as an example of this burgeoning trend.

The video series, called THE WORLD COVERED, was produced by AboutFace for creative agency 50,000 Feet.

Here’s an excerpt:

A serious video with a provocative title has helped Ivy Funds raise its profile among advisers and investors since the video was posted online last year, says Roger Hoadley, a company spokesman.

Called “The Piranha Tank,” it depicts the rigorous give and take at a morning meeting of the firm’s fund managers, economists and analysts. The session is chaired by Henry Herrmann, chief executive officer of Ivy Investment Management Co., who brings a no-nonsense, urgent tone to the discussion. “Are you afraid of Hank Herrmann?” the narrator asks one analyst. “Yes. I think everybody is,” the analyst replies.

Revolution Dancewear | STUDIO SPOTLIGHT

Revolution Dancewear is a dance wear manufacturer that partners with studios to sell dance shoes, clothing, costumes and more.

EPISODE 1 – A FAMILY AFFAIR: At Dance Expression of Westchester, New York, running a dance studio is a family affair. Sisters Christine and Jessica teach classes, while their mother Arlene manages the business side of things. And Christine is doing it all while she’s eight months pregnant. Her baby will almost certainly be born in dance shoes! Watch and see how this mother-daughter trio added to the success of their business by selling Revolution Dancewear to their students. They provide shoes, tights and leotards for both classes and performances. The results? The extra profits they made from dancewear sales helped them open a second studio!


EPISODE 2 – A NIGHT TO SHINE: McCann School Of Dance’s Sandra juggles a million details — not too mention a whole school’s worth of students — as she runs the final rehearsal before the studio’s big recital at the historic Hershey Theater.


EPISODE 3 – KELLY’S ASPIRATIONS: Kelly started dancing when she was seven years old and eventually became a Chicago Bulls cheerleading dancer and dance instructor before starting her studio, Aspirations Dance Company, which has expanded four times since it’s opening. The studio teaches every kind of dance under the sun — ballet, jazz, hip hop,
tumbling, break dancing, you name it. But Kelly believes that business sense as a studio owner is more important than dance experience. Today we’ll see her putting her business smarts and her dance expertise to work at an open house when kids and parents will pour into the studio to see the award-winning teams put on dance demonstrations


Alliance Laundry Systems | A FRESH APPROACH

Alliance Laundry Systems has a family of brands that offers solutions to a worldwide customer base through the delivery of laundry products and services. They manufacture products under the brand names of Cissell®, Huebsch®, IPSO®, Speed Queen® and UniMac®.

A Fresh Approach was produced in 2011 for creative agency Nelson Schmidt, and consists of a variety of videos targeted to various markets and purposes.

The videos primarily revolve around two successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines and Italy – one just launching the vended laundry concept in his country, the other growing his established business by penetrating new markets.

Rocky in Manilla
Meet Rocky Hernandez, who introduces us to the convenience and efficiency of vended laundry in the Philippines — a market unfamiliar with the concept.


Coley in Florence
Coley O’Kief continues to grow his business by expanding the concept into new markets, twenty years after introducing the vended laundry business to Italy.


A Fresh Approach to Investing
In this longer form ‘overview video’ we see how Corey and Rocky’s stories mesh with the Alliance mission.



PARTNERS IN PREPAID is a MasterCard initiative created to stimulate collaboration and innovation in the prepaid industry. From Mexico City to Dubai, MasterCard is delivering innovative prepaid payment solutions that are evolving the ways organizations disburse social benefits and payroll.

The subject is a complicated one, and video storytelling brings it to life with the faces and voices of customers in this 2011 documentary project we produced for the creative agency 50,000 Feet.

World Beyond Cash features government officials, business people and typical customers and their experiences. The project illustrates both the success stories and challenges of migrating to a cashless system through prepaid products and raise awareness for the many opportunities for prepaid in these markets.

Our filmmakers travel the globe with MasterCard Worldwide to document how their prepaid products are helping governments reach unbanked and underserved consumers and move them toward cashless transactions that are convenient, flexible and secure.

OVERVIEW TRAILER:  This trailer for World Beyond Cash features government officials, business people and typical customers who are migrating to a cashless system through prepaid products.


WORLD BEYOND CASH: Travel from Mexico City, Dubai, Bratislava, New York, Richmond and Washington DC, World Beyond Cash documents MasterCard’s global opportunity for both public and government sectors in the prepaid card market.


SERVING THE UNDERSERVED: How is the US government is adopting a cashless system to distribute social benefits? See how Mastercard is helping the government reach out to consumers that have little or no access to mainstream financial services.



Children’s Memorial Hospital | BUILDING FOR CHILDREN

The Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is one of the top children’s hospitals in the country, works tirelessly to provide the programs and advocacy needed to provide quality patient care.  We recently completed a three part video series focusing on the children and the amazing care they receive at Lurie’s.

Episode 1: Rosie
Rosie was diagnosed four years ago with a brain tumor. See how she’s become a survivor as well as a benefactor of her hospital by raising over $300,000


Episode 2: Livvy
Meet 10-year-old Liv. She was born with cystic fibrosis, but that hasn’t stopped her from living a great life and raising more than $270,000 for her hospital,


Episode 3: Aaron
Meet 10-year-old Liv. She was born with cystic fibrosis, but that hasn’t stopped her from living a great life and raising more than $270,000 for her hospital.


Quad Graphics | THE WHEEL

Quad Graphicsis one of the world’s leading providers of print and multichannel solutions.  The company started small, but, as evidence of their growth,

Quad/Graphics Value Wheel Videos

Quad/Graphics Value Wheel Videos

recently went public and acquired a large competitor, Worldcolor Press. Quad’s culture is that of a supportive family.  Harry V. Quadracci founded the company based upon a core set of values that he handed down and have been instilled in the corporate culture. Harry’s son, Joel, took over as President & CEO in 2006, the 35th anniversary of our company’s founding. Joel literally grew up with the company and has been committed to continuing the vision his father set forth at its founding. In order to do this, the company has generated a Values Wheel — a illustration of it’s values that it displays on walls throughout their offices all over the globe.

And the stories we told, while grounded by the Value Wheel, all are personal, compelling, human stories that any audience – not just the new employees – could get hooked on.


Episode 1: The Time Capsule
“The next time someone asks you where the business is headed, tell them it’s not so much where, but how.” This intro video previews Quad’s core values and the foundation of their inimitable corporate culture.


Episode 2: Believe in People
Plant Manager, Jenny Wnuk has learned from everybody around her at Quad/Graphics that helps her understand how to improve the business. Working at Quad is like being a part of a family.


Episode 3: Believe in People
James is the Postal Solutions Manager at the Quad/Graphics West Allis Plant. He’s been at Quad/Graphics for 17 years. And he’s also deeply involved in teaching the Quad/Graphics culture, including the Values Wheel. He’s and on task thinker/doer along with being a big picture thinker. And his personal life – reading philosophy and taking time to take of himself and family, his community – is a very important part of his life, too.


Episode 4: Do The Right Thing
Jack Faran is a cancer survivor who’s come out of retirement to get the job done at Quad/Graphics. He’s lived his life doing the right thing which rubs off on the way he does his job with his extended family at Quad.


Episode 5: Innovate
Bill Graushar is the Research and Development Manager. Bill has been at Quad/Graphics for 32 years and loves his job. He’s at the forefront of INNOVATION in the print industry and has many patents to prove it!


Episode 6:  Have Fun
Przemyslaw Raszeja, Quad/Graphics, Technical Specialist at the Quad/Winkowski lives in Warsaw and commutes over 1hr each day to work at the plant located in Wyszkow, Poland


Episode 7:  Make Money
Maggie Strous, Quad/Graphics, Maintenance Department Purchaser. Maggie has been with the Fairfield Plant for more than 30 years (since 1978). Outside the plant, Maggie volunteers with ‘Pappy’s Project’ (named after her late husband who lost his battle with cancer last year) that involves therapy for special needs kids in which they make blankets and give them to people in need.


Episode 8:  Do Things For the Rose
Lisa is the Lead Scheduleer of this legacy Quad/Graphics plant in Martinsburg where she is responsible for production of a 1.5 million square foot facility after she transported from California six years ago where she helps improve the community.


Episode 9:  Grow
It’s been almost 11 years since Pedro Guizada-Pinto came to Hartford, Wisconsin for a new career opportunity and has been growing both personally and professionally as a Second Press Operator at Quad/Graphics ever since.
“The next time someone asks you where the business is headed, tell them it’s not so much where, but how. And how we do it is with our culture and our values.” — Joel Quadracci, Chairman, President & CEO, Quad/Graphics



MG Design  has a passion for helping clients attract customers for successful face-to-face interactions. Whether it’s a trade show exhibit, a meeting or event, or a branded environment. We recently finished a three part series highlighting their passion, people and process.

Episode 1: The Attic
Michael W. Grivas, MG Design CEO, takes us to the company’s humble origins — an attic in the Chicago home where his father started the company — and to the contrasting company home of today — an impressive facility with a brand new addition, dubbed “The Attic” — displaying MG’s unique history and bright future.


Episode 2: The Design Kitchen
Check out MG Design’s five-phase strategy for planning and creating integrated solutions to meet objectives while working within your timeline and your budget.


Episode 3: Why Rent?

Designing and building quality exhibits is imperative, MG Designers can add custom elements to rental exhibits. Renting can be an effective way to manage expenses and stretch a limited budget. In addition deploying rental exhibits from one of MG’s US locations is greener and more efficient. In 2012 MG Design won the prestigious “Best of MOD” award, as well as “Best Extrusion Based Exhibit” for their VMWare design.


Carlson Capital Management | PARTNERS IN LIFE

Carlson Capital Management is a comprehensive wealth management firm with offices in Northfield, Hastings, Bloomington and Rochester Minnesota. Managing more than $900 million in assets and serving a select group of 500 clients, Carlson advises clients seeking expert advice and comprehensive management of their financial lives.

The Carlson Capital Video Series

We completed this four-episode overview of the company in early 2012, focusing on what it means for Carlson Capital Management to partner with clients and their families, who “don’t just trust us with their money, they trust us with their dreams.”

Episode 1: Partner in Life
Outside the lights of the big city CCM has built a process around the integrated approach to investment advising and financial planning. This episode focuses on what it really means to Carlson Capital Management to partner with clients and their families, who “don’t just trust us with their money, they trust us with their dreams.”


Episode 2: Fruits of Labor
Carlson Capital Management breaks ground on a new office building in Hastings, Minnesota. CCM has built the company from the ground up – from their first humble offices to their current four locations, serving 500 clients approaching management of $1 billion in assets.


Episode 3: Crafting Your Legacy
The core values of the Midwest are engrained into the way Carlson Capital Management does business. Carlson has built the firm to look beyond to what is happening today towards a lasting legacy in the future.


Episode 4: The Process
Carlson deploys a thorough 5-tier process designed to help them get to know their clients and build a lasting trust and achieve long term goals.



BRP is the parent company for several iconic outdoor brands, such as Ski-Doo, Evinrude and motorcycle division, Can-Am.

CAN-AM Spyder Five Videos

Can-Am, working with their advertising agency CK, wanted to build on their social presence as they were launching a new model of their Spyder line of three-wheel vehicles.  They wanted a branding and cultural focus, and to show the world how well-suited the Spyder is for the adventure-seeker’s lifestyle.

The project began with Spyder selecting five riders from around North America to make up The Spyder Five.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS: 5 riders from different backgrounds who are crisscrossing North America on the Can-Am Spyder roadster, blogging and sharing their roadtrip experiences.


SPYDER DAN: Spyder Dan is the living embodiment of the Can-Am Spyder roadster. He is an adrenaline-fuelled, Québec native with a passion for anything you can sit on with an engine. Dan began his turbo-charged powersports career as a snowmobiler, but he now runs, the premier French-language social media forum for Can-Am roadster owners and fans.


CALIFORNIA’S MISSION TRAIL: For Fred Rau, the Ortega Highway’s Lookout Roadhouse is a sacred Sunday morning ritual – a place where he meets up with the “Dawn Patrol” of elite motorcyclists before riding the canyons.


A COASTAL TRIP: Mickey Fisher explores the San Francisco Coast on his Spyder. Enjoy the California sights from a hot air balloon, check out the Bay Area’s Sutro Baths, and explore Pigeon Point Lighthouse.


FARAN THE SUPERMOM: Meet Faran: the working mom who somehow manages to do it all. She is the vivacious mother of two girls, a successful career woman and a lifelong adrenaline junkie. Not content merely to ride on the back of someone else’s bike, Faran has been looking for the perfect ride to fuel her passion for the open road. Can-Am helped her fulfill her dream after she won the 2011 Search for the Next Can-Am Spyder Ambassadors.


You can see the rest of The Spyder Five Video Series Here.


Honored as one of the Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For” for nine consecutive years, Baird is committed to helping associates thrive, professionally and personally.

To get this message out, Baird commssioned AboutFace to create Baird Stories – a series of video profiles featuring associates and key employees, with an eye towards assisting in rectruiting.

This 2012 series profiles several of the more than 2,600 employees, and travels throughout the United States.

Baird Stories

Baird Stories

Baird has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and is one of the largest privately held, full-service investment firms in the United States. Baird manages and oversees $84 billion in client assets and often has job openings in a wide range of financial fields as well as corporate support areas throughout the world.

Baird is always looking for talented people – whether experienced professionals or recent graduates – across a wide range of disciplines.

These videos show how Baird is focused on promoting a world-class environment that challenges recruits to achieve their potential and reward them for their efforts.

Matt Kessler went to business school at Stanford through the Baird Scholar program and now enjoys a great work life balance as an Investment Banking Associate.


Investment Banking is a tough industry, a culture of mentorship that pairs senior bankers with new employees helps people evolve in their careers at Baird.


Great Outcomes
Mike Ling, Institutional Investment Officer at Baird develops deep relationships with his clients by spending quality time and leveraging extensive research.


Everyone Matters
Jeff Elliott, Senior Research Analyst at Baird balances a growing family with a busy work schedule but strives to maintain great service for his clients while still spending time with his expecting wife.


Passion To Achieve
Antoine McDuffie is a Senior Risk Analyst at Baird, he’s tasked with finding the key risks in institutional trading. It’s a competitive yet rewarding career.

You can see the rest of the Baird Stories here.

Blick Art Materials | ART ROOM AID

Art Room Aid was created in 2009 by Blick Art Materials. As a company focused on educational and professional art supplies, Blick has also consistently supported arts education in diverse ways. Whether sponsoring art scholarships or creating lesson plans that address national standards of learning while easing the burden on busy educators, we at Blick understand just how important collaboration is. And we know that big dreams start small- after all, Blick is a family-owned company that began at Mr. and Mrs. Blick’s kitchen table in Galesburg, Illinois, 100 years ago.

EPISODE 1 – MISS RYDER: Like many schools across the country, Alameda Elementary School terminated its formal art education program because of budget cuts. If it weren’t for Miss Rider and Art Room Aid, the school wouldn’t have an art program today. Miss Rider is a kindergarten teacher with a background in art who understands that art is essential to education. She uses the time that she would otherwise use to prepare for her regular kindergarten classes to teach art throughout the school. “Visual art stimulates the mind to allow for science and math,” Miss Rider says. “I think people forget that.” The art program at Alameda Elementary wouldn’t be possible without the support Miss Rider’s class receives through Art Room Aid. “With 600 students at Alameda, art supplies go really fast. What’s really great about Art Room Aid is that anybody can make a contribution. You simply ask for supplies and people can give you what you need.


EPISODE 2 – RITA: Rita is an 18-year-old pre-med student who runs the summer art program at the Boys and Girls Club in Royal Oaks, Michigan. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Rita came to the United States when she was six years old and soon began participating in programs at the Boys and Girls Club. Her passion for art came from a desire to express herself and be understood while learning a new language and acclimating to a new culture. Now Rita is returning the favor by mentoring a new generation in the visual arts. Because she’s not satisfied with just supervising an “open art session,” Rita’s curriculum includes art supplies her students might not normally have access to. She often pays for these supplies out of her own paycheck. “I try to bring the happiness and joy I had with art as a kid so my students can enjoy it too, They shouldn’t have to worry about how the supplies are getting here.” Art Room Aid has been a valuable tool for Rita, giving her the opportunity to provide a rich and diverse art education experience for a young generation that otherwise might only have a few crayons or watercolors to work with.


EPISODE 3 – BRIDGET: Bridget has been gifted in visual arts from an early age. With the support of her parents and art teacher along the way, Bridget received the 2011 Scholastic Alliance for Young Artists and Writers Award. Now 17, Bridget is looking toward the future and wants to find a way to use her artistic talents in the business world. Bridget wouldn’t be where she is today without concerned teachers and the opportunity to advance her art education. Art has already provided her with experiences she wouldn’t otherwise have.



Henderson Global Investors, a UK-based investment manager with a history spanning more than 75 years was founded in the midst of the 1930s financial crisis, Henderson has weathered every financial storm since. Today, Henderson is a lean, collaborative company with a global reach focused on delivering performance. In Europe, Henderson has offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Vienna, Zurich and London. Henderson moved into the North American market in 1999, when it acquired US real estate investment manager Phoenix Realty Advisers, and currently has offices in Chicago and Hartford. In Asia, Henderson has offices in New Delhi, Singapore (Asia headquarters), Hong Kong, Tokyo and Beijing as well as in Sydney, Australia.

EPISODE 1 – GLOBAL NAVIGATORS: Bill McQuaker and Chris Paine, Lead Portfolio Managers of the Henderson All Asset Fund, display the importance of nimbly allocating a diverse range of asset classes using complementary investment styles.


EPISODE 2 – PEAK’S PICKS: Contrarian. Devil’s Advocate. Stephen Peak. Stephen runs Henderson’s European Focus Fund with a style all his own.


EPISODE 3 – JOB & ALEX: Meet Job Curtis and Alex Crooke, co-managers of the Global Equity Income Fund, and see how their different personalities share an obsession with income generation.



EPISODE 4 – THE HENDERSON DIFFERENCE: Henderson Fund managers employ ‘conviction investing’ by only backing companies they truly believe in and limiting the number of stocks in their portfolio. A passion for investing, rigorous selection process, and experienced managers in global markets creates the Henderson difference.


EPISODE 5 – GREAT MINDS: At Henderson, portfolio managers are encouraged to share ideas and debate points, which is rare in this sphere. See it in action.



This month Fashion Forward, a behind the scenes series from Kmart Fashion takes a look at how the denim we wear everyday is actually created.  Take a trip with us to the denim mill where they weave the fabric to the laundry where the wash and dry happens by hand to create the perfect color all the way back to the design studios in New York where the denim is fine tuned and prepared for the market.

Fashion Forward: Denim Re-Defined: Inspiration – Episode 1

Your denim has the ability to tell the story of your life, but where does it come from? Join Kmart Denim expert Lisa as she walks us through the inspiration behind the new denim line. After that it’s off to an industry leading denim mill to pick the fabric that turns into the jeans you wear every day.

Fashion Forward: Denim Re-Defined: The Wash – Episode 2

In this episode, Lisa travels coast to coast to visit a leading denim laundry in Los Angeles where the wash and dry process for Kmart’s denim happens. You won’t believe how much hands on work goes into making a pair of brand new jeans look vintage!

Fashion Forward: Denim Re-Defined – The Fit – Episode 3

Back in NYC, Lisa and her team of designers teach us how to find the pair of jeans that’s the best fit for you. From Curvy Flare to Skinny Fit it’s all about finding what works for you and makes you feel fabulous!

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Kmart Fashion | What’s Hot: Makeover Edition

The latest episodes of What’s Hot for Kmart Fashion just launched.  Donna Kim hooks up lucky aspiring fashionistas with a new look.

What’s Hot – Amanda Wants a Makeover – Episode 4
In the first episode of what we like to call What’s Hot: Makeover Edition, join Donna as she meets Amanda and prepares to give her a stunning new style. It’s all about giving Amanda the tools she needs to feminize her wardrobe and give her more confidence.

What’s Hot – Amanda’s Makeover Fashion Tips – Episode 5
Donna helps Amanda accentuate her best features with some new comfy feminine pieces and teaches her how to wear cropped pieces and how to ‘color block’. Even with everything that Amanda has learned today, will she be able to overcome her biggest fashion fear?

What’s Hot – Amanda’s Makeover Accessory Tips – Episode 6
No outfit is complete without accessories, and in this episode of What’s Hot, Donna helps Amanda pick out a great purse for school and teaches her some great rules of thumb when it comes to jewelry. Amanda even faces her fears when it comes to heels!

What’s Hot – Amanda’s Big Makeover Reveal – Episode 7
After hours of trying on new clothes and learning fashion tips from her new best friend, Amanda’s ready for the final steps to achieve her new look – Hair and Makeup! After that it’s off to the dressing room to get ready for the big reveal. But will Amanda like the final results? Will she walk away with the tools she needs to change her look?

What’s Hot – Tajuana Wants a Makeover – Episode 8
Tajuana and her best friend Shakilya take their fashion very seriously. While she’s pretty saavy herself, Tajauana is looking to Donna for advice on how she can escape her comfort zone and spice up her style.

What’s Hot – Fashion Tips for Plus Size Glamour – Episode 9
Tajuana is comfortable in what she’s wearing, but she wants to push the envelope and look a little more glam. With essentials like black pants, slimming details like pleating, and busy prints matched with solids she’s on the way to expanding her style horizons.

What’s Hot – Tajuana’s Accessory Essentials – Episode 10
Donna’s giving Tajuana a lesson in accessories. From nude toned shoes to a sturdy leather handbag it’s all about function AND fashion. Add a jewelry centerpiece and Tajuana’s on her way to a truly epic makeover.

What’s Hot – Tajuana’s Big Makeover Reveal – Episode 11
Tajuana loves to do makeup, so it’s up to Donna to teach her some tips and tricks, like a fierce smokey eye, to freshen up her look. After that it’s back to the dressing room for a truly emotional reveal.

What’s Hot – Claudia is Getting Married – Episode 12
Claudia is getting married. And she’s a student. And she’s on a budget. So how does she get her bachelorette outfit without taking out a student loan? It’s Kmart Fashion Blogger Donna to the rescue.

What’s Hot – Claudia is Getting Married – Comfort Meets Fashion Episode 13
Kmart Fashion Blogger Donna dishes out tips to bride-to-be Claudia in this video, covering Leggings and Neutral Colors, and how to dress comfy while still looking stylish.

What’s Hot – Claudia is Getting Married – Slimfabulous Magic Episode 14
Kmart Fashion Blogger Donna helps bride-to-be Claudia slenderize her problem areas with the hidden slimming technology of the SlimFabulous line in preparation her big day.

What’s Hot – Claudia is Getting Married – The Reveal Episode 15
Claudia, soon to be married, gets a full hair and makeup makeover to go with her stylish new clothes courtesy of Kmart Fashion Blogger Donna in this final episode of Claudia’s before and after transformation. “I’m so happy, I feel just like a different person,” Claudia says.

Check out the rest of the Kmart Fashion videos on their Youtube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe.




Northwestern Mutual | CLICK FOR KIDS

We just launched “Click for Kids” – a web series for Northwestern Mutual The videos focus on stories of three nonprofits that are helping children reach their goals: Action for Healthy Kids, Easter Seals, and Teach for America.  The videos are featured on their Facebook page.  The Northwestern Mutual Foundation is donating a total of $200,000 to three nonprofits but you can help decide where the money goes on their Facebook page.

Our friends at Layer One Media helped come up with the concept and designed the page.

1. Like their Facebook page.
2. Watch all three videos and learn about each organization.
3. Vote for your favorite nonprofit and they will donate $10 for every click, one per person. Each vote increases the donation total and helps kids build a foundation for life.

“You vote, we give” is the first video that will be used as a trailer overview piece that will be used to drive traffic to the Facebook page.

Northwestern Mutual | CLICK FOR KIDS TRAILER from About Face Media on Vimeo.

“Kyle & Easter Seals” Kyle, a child who was diagnosed with Autism before his second birthday. Now, almost six years later, you likely wouldn’t know it thanks to the support of Easter Seals and the therapy provided through their Make the First Five Count program.

“Idida & Action for Healthy Kids” Action For Healthy Kids volunteer Idida mentors children on how to live a healthier, active lifestyle – from fun exercise to healthier snacks. Teaching habits kids will take with them for their lifetimes, AFHK reaches millions of children at thousands of schools every year.

“Eric & Teach for America” Meet former Teach For America teacher Eric and one of his past students, Janiceia. With Eric’s help and guidance, Janiceia was the first in her family to go to college. After she graduated, she joined Teach For America and followed in her mentor’s footsteps.


The University of Wisconsin Madison College of Engineering is leading the charge to train a new generation of leaders in Engineering.  They’ve teamed up with AboutFace to highlight their innovation. The program prepares students for careers in Robotics, Biotechnology, New Energy Solutions and other Grand Societal Challenges.

The first of these videos highlights undergrad Keith Jackson he is motivated by his family, his future and making a difference.

The UW Madison College Of Engineering is a premier place to learn electrical and computer engineering – but it’s also a premier place to go from a shy high school kid to a social college student. Just ask Tim McGowan.

Alumnus: Winslow Sargeant is now an entrepreneur and venture capitalist Winslow Sargeant and how his professional success has helped the University’s graduate engineering program offer a unique and diverse learning experience.

Adam Richards, a senior in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, provides an inside look at “eMOO,” the university’s latest vehicle designed for the national EcoCAR competition.

UW-Madison Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Susan Hagness explains the concept behind the Grand Challenges in Engineering course.

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Kmart Fashion | WHAT’S HOT

Kmart Fashion continues with a dynamic social storytelling approach and three new videos teaming up with influential fashion blogger Donna Kim in a series called “What’s Hot”

Meet Kmart Fashion blogger Donna Kim as she hustles around New York City meeting stylists, models, and designers so she can get all the hottest trends to you first

Go behind the curtain with Kmart Fashion blogger Donna Kim at New York Fashion Week and see the inside skinny on “the Super Bowl for fashion” – shows, designers, stylists, models, and all the hot trends.

Kmart Fashion blogger Donna Kim dishes tips on how to get the hottest trends on a budget as she meets Kmart’s New York fashion team.

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