Control Over the Corporate Website is Shifting to the Customers

Social Media

Google just announced “SideWiki”,  a new feature of the Firefox and IE browsers that allows anyone to contribute comments about any webpage –further shifting the power to customers over marketers.  (No Safari version as of yet).

The impacts are far reaching, now every web page on the internet is social and can have consumer opinion –both positive and negative.

From Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang:

Recommendations for the Web Strategist:  Develop a Social Strategy Now

  • Shift your thinking: recognize that you don’t own your corporate website –your customers do.Accept the mindshift that your job is to not only serve up product and corporate content but to also be a platform and enabler for customers to discuss, share, and make suggestions to how you should improve what you offer.
  • screenshotDevelop a social strategy with dedicated resources. With every webpage now potentially social, you’ll need to develop a process, roles, and policy to ensure you’re monitoring the conversation, participating as you would in blog discussions, and influencing the discussion.  80% of success is developing an internal strategy, providing education before a free-for-all happens with customers and employees.
  • Don’t be reactive to negative content –embrace social content now. Give users the ability to leave social feedback directly on your corporate webpages, or aggregate existing social content.  CMS vendors are developing features to enable this, as well as community platform vendors like Kickapps, Pluck, Liveworld’s Livebar offer rapid deployment options.

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