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Social Storytellers

Storytellers have delighted audiences since the very beginning. Social media is just another medium, and an interactive one at that.

Social Storytelling is becoming one of the more bandied-about Buzzwords in the online, social space at the moment.  But no one seems to have ever been so bold as to offer a concrete definition of Social Storytelling – until now.  So, if I may be so bold, Social Storytelling is the art and science of telling a story through the social space (online or otherwise) that is not one-way, but is interactive, with no definitive end to the narrative required.

That definition may lack specificity, but that’s the point of Social Storytelling.  It’s open, it can be anything, so long as it’s a story that goes both ways.

Here are a couple of outside perspectives on Social Storytelling

A recent Social Storytelling success story from McDonalds here.

An interesting take on Social Storytelling from way back in 2008 here.

Buzzwords is a weekly feature that explains and demystifies one current social media “Buzzword” per entry.  If you’d like to suggest a Buzzword for us to tackle, please email us at


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