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AboutFace recently launched “ArtChicago.TV” — a series of short documentary videos for Art Chicago.  The weekly series is a behind the scenes documentary of the making of the ‘reborn’ art fair (dubbed Artropolis) and feature the people putting together the show.

The videos are primarily being promoted via a microsite and a v-blast email campaign.

They were directed by Dan Ollman, who co-directed the acclaimed MGM released theatrical doc “The Yes Men”.

WHAT IS ART? In the first episode we meet the team behind the fair, especially Tony Karman and David Drury.  Tony is the main liaison with the VIP’s and gallerists, may of whom we also meet in Episode 1:  Mark Moore from LA’s Mark Moore Gallery, Wayne Blank Shoshana-Wayne Gallery in LA, Roy Boyd of the Roy Boyd Gallery, Rhona Hoffman of the Rhona Hoffman gallery and Host Committee member Helyn Goldengberg.


UNIQUE EXPERIENCES.  Chicago is home to personal collections of amazing art and imagery, and Art Chicago lets those collections be seen.

Take a private tour of the personal art collections of Jack Guthman and Lew Manilow, as they genrously open up their homes to our cameras.

The Art Chicago VIP program is “…a tremendous opportunity for our guests, our guest collectors, our guest VIPs, even the exhibitors to actually come into the home of some of their collectors and see the work showcased,” says Art Chicago’s Tony Karman.


NEW INSIGHTS. It’s two weeks before the show.  Art Chicago invites new artists to display their work for the first time in a prestigious context as part of the art fair. “It will really give a showcase to these young artists and an amazing opportunity for individuals to view their work.”  Featuring Susanne Ghez from the Renaissance Society and Lois Weisberg from Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs.


THE ARTIST PROJECT.  “The artist project is where we have artists who are not represented by a gallery.” Meet Jeff Zimmerman, artist, muralist, independent. “It’s really a privilege to bring independent artists to this huge Artropolis weekend.”


MUSIC. Another aspect of Artropolis and Art Chicago is music. Meet Steven Burns, Artistic Director at Fulcrum Point New Music Project. “New art music is at the cutting edge of what the contemporary art scene is doing.” Have a look and a listen.


PERSPECTIVES ON ART.  It’s two days before the show and excitement is building.

“When you deal with art in a professional way, when you see something you haven’t seen before, that’s the thrill.”

Featuring Richard Wright and Helyn Goldenberg of the Art Chicago Host Committee, Jim Yood of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chuck Thurow of the Hyde Park Arts Center, Joel Beck from Roebling Hall and James Goodman of the James Goodman Gallery.


THANK YOU. Show time.  Artropolis is back – and it’s better than ever. Painting, sculpture, new media, architecture, and music – “it’s just like, wow, an explosion of art work and culture.”  Featuring Tony Karman,Robert Landau of the Landau Gallery, and many more artists and art lovers.

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