World Of Warcraft: Looking For Group Documentary Now Online (and free!)

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Blizzard Entertainment, the game designer behind the incredibly successful World Of Warcraft series, has just released a documentary on the game.

If you don’t know World Of Warcraft, it’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) full of quests in a fantasy land called Azeroth.  The game has around 10 million players subscribed worldwide.  WoW features heavy immersion into the world it creates, and it relies on strong story lines to hook and entertain players.

The doc tells the story of the origins of Blizzard and the history and influences of other games that led to WoW.  Then the film goes on to show the growth of Blizzard from a couple of dozen people to hundreds, and the smash success and evolution of WoW – plus some of the culture around the game and the players.

It features the core Blizzard and WoW team and such outsiders and fans as CEO of Legendary Pictures Thomas Tull, professional baseball player Hunter Pence, and actors Brandon Routh and Felicia Day.

One of the interesting things about the game is that players play together online, joining up to accomplish goals, and often end up being friends both online and out in the world.  Marriages have also sprung from these relationships.

This is an hour long documentary, released online, where most content over 5 or so minutes doesn’t get watched, and in two days it has nearly a half million views.  It goes to show that if you give your core audience what they want, they’ll watch it wherever it is, however long it is.

Even if you’re not a gamer or a WoW player, the documentary may be worth a watch.  It throws you into a gaming subculture you may not have seen before, and, from a storytelling perspective, delves into how the WoW team develops the new stories that new versions of the game rely upon.

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