Maintaining Your YouTube Channel Feed: Engaging Your Community

Best Practices

One strategy that can go a long way to foster the online community we are all working so hard to create and engage, as well as to stay on the top of mind with your subscribers, is to optimize your YouTube channel feed.

The channel feed broadcasts your activities to your subscribers. Think of it the same way you would think about your Facebook news feed or Twitter feed. It’s a digest of activity from channels you subscribe to. Just as you wouldn’t ignore your Facebook feed it’s imperative that you don’t ignore the activity you are broadcasting on your channel feed.

The channel feed is the first thing you see when you log in to YouTube. Right away, I can see recent activity from the channels to which I subscribe.

The first step to maintaining an engaging channel feed is to understand how it works and which activities are broadcasted to the feed. The default settings share everything, including:

• When you upload a video
• When you like a video
• When you add a video to a playlist
• Channel posts
• When you comment on a video
• When you favorite a video
• When you subscribe to a channel

If you’re not comfortable sharing that much information, you can opt-out by navigating to the connected accounts portion of your account settings and unchecking any of the boxes.

Depending on the channel and my goals for the channel, I usually don’t change the defaults because the more active I am on YouTube, the more chances I have that my subscribers will click through and watch one or more of my videos. However, I do my best to avoid being too active within short periods of time, to avoid overwhelming subscribers with activity. Think of this the same way you do your Facebook news feed. It’s sometimes annoying when your feed seems filled with updates from one person or organization.

You will also have to make sure you aren’t keeping your likes and subscriptions private. This option can be found in your privacy settings.

It’s best to upload content on a regular schedule, but sometimes the powers that be (ie budgets) don’t allow for that much content, so broadcasting this type of activity will keep you in top of mind with your subscribers.

1. Set a schedule for your activity: If you upload videos once a month, you can curate content from other channels or create channel posts to fill in the gaps.

2. Spread out your activity: If you perform multiple actions within a single session they get aggregated into a single post. Try liking a related video (even if it’s your own) in the morning and then creating a playlist of videos in the evening.

3. Be a part of the community: People are more likely to check out your videos if you are active. Watch other videos, favorite other videos, like other videos, comment and be a part of the conversation on other videos.

As you convert viewers to subscribers, maintaining an active feed drives viewers to new uploads and legacy content that you surface. And, being an active member of the YouTube community can fill in the gaps when you may not have as much new content to share.

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