CNN Films jumps into Documentary Fray via PBS

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A couple of weeks ago, we talked about Showtime getting into documentary film.  The premium cable network was the latest in the wave of TV outlets getting into the doc world. PBS, HBO, and ESPN are already in on the action.

Now, CNN is going for it, too.  Including one doc from About Face director Michael Tucker.

PBS has the scoop.

It’s encouraging to see so many smart content providers committing to serving up such excellent content.

Here’s an excerpt.

Now, CNN is joining in on the tradition, transforming itself into another destination for documentaries. Under its new “CNN Films” banner, the 24-hour news network has already produced some of its own documentaries, rebroadcasted some from HBO and is acquiring finished pieces or contracting others for broadcast.

At Sundance Film Festival, CNN Films announced it was picking up three documentaries and drew on respected names and established organizations for stand-alone titles and series developments.

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