Coca Cola Polar Bears Get A New Age Makeover via Brand Stories

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Polar bears have long been a Coca Cola advertising staple.

Probably because they’re so very photogenic (as cartoons… they’re known in the wild as being amongst the most terrifying, savage, and lethal animals on earth, but I digress).

Now it appears that Coke’s polar bears are evolving.  Not into super polar bears that can fly and breathe fire, though that’d be cool, but in the sense of how Coke is presenting them.

There’s a great summary post over at showing the evolution.  It’s gone from bears drinking Coke to the company just having a presenting credit/logo at the beginning of a short film (made by legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott) – no bears drinking Coke in this one.

Another smart move by Coca Cola?  Probably.  The polar bears are evolving with the times.

Check out the short below and the post at BrandStories.

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